Higher National Diploma

HND | Banking and Finance

  • Taking up employment as middle-level staff in banking;
  • Being rapidly operational with customers’ services, foreign transaction services and bank management services;
  • Mastering money exchange transaction in big financial markets.
Position held in entreprise
  • Commercial Agent;
  • Chief of Sales;
  • Chief of Commercial service;
  • Marketing Director.
Conditions of admission
  • Holder of GCE Advanced Level or BACC;
  • To undergo and succeed in the psychotechnic text.
Composition of the file of admission
  • A hand writter application addressed to the Director General;
  • Two (02) A4 size envelops with 400 Frs Cfa postage stamps each with the candidate address;
  • A Certified true copy of the GCE (General Certificate of Education)/ AL (Advanced Level) or dry equivalent diploma. Attestation of results;
  • File Study: 25 000 F cfa;
  • 5000 F cfa for expenses of medical examination.
Program of training
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